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Flexible, end-to-end solution covering as much or as little as required,
from sourcing talent to on-boarding and payrolling

Maintain a lean, agile and flexible workforce in as many international locations as you choose


Reduce subsidiary costs exponentially and avoid financial commitments if you ultimately decide to withdraw or retrench


Completely mitigate risk and avoid any legal complexities associated with sourcing, on-boarding and employing global teams.


Identifying, targeting, sourcing, on-boarding and employing top-quality candidates in any region worldwide


Full outsourcing of all payroll, tax, HR and legal matters under a single monthly invoice


Seamless off-boarding and territory management where required


At some point on your company’s journey, you will undoubtedly want to expand outside of your base of operations. But where to start?

Setting up a legal entity in a new territory can be costly and time-consuming; not to mention the challenges of setting up in a country with legislation and cultural nuances you are completely unfamiliar with.

Many countries are clamping down on the traditional model of engaging local contractors or ‘pseudo-employees’, meaning that if you take this route, you risk a hefty social tax bill and potential legal implications. A permanent entity, on the other hand, is typically expensive and inflexible, committing you to long-term costs and obligations in the new territory.


To address these complex challenges, Emerald Technology provides flexible global payroll, employer of record (EoR), professional employment organisation (PEO), global workforce management (compliance, visas & logistics) and talent acquisition solutions.

Our bespoke services enable you to source the very best talent and set up quickly, flexibly and compliantly in new territories; whether you are looking to accelerate your global expansion or simply redistribute resource more effectively in accordance with changing commercial needs.

Taking on every aspect of the process, from sourcing quality candidates through to on-boarding and even off-boarding where required, puts us in the unique position of providing a completely comprehensive talent sourcing and management solution to facilitate your business end-to-end.

Engage us as a partner for anything from a single service – such as talent acquisition or payrolling – to supporting the entire life cycle of your employee.


If you find yourself daunted by the prospect of remaining compliant with ever-changing tax and employment laws across multiple regions – not to mention obtaining and managing local visas and work permits and administrating complex benefits programmes – Emerald Technology can help.

We ensure that your employees are covered by all relevant insurances and maintain compliance with all regulations regarding workers’ employment contracts, compensation, and ongoing HR issues, including on- and off-boarding of employees.


Local market knowledge and experience are critical to ensuring your new employee is on-boarded and employed in full compliance with relevant legislation.

From our global network of regional offices, we can ensure you eliminate risk by managing your workforce compliantly in over 170 countries, giving you complete peace of mind.