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Utilise our unrivalled experience, networks, and knowledge to acquire top-quality commercial and technical talent worldwide

Approved by over 500 Tech vendor worldwide


Hire skilled, experienced and well-referenced professionals who are culturally aligned to your business, on a permanent or freelance basis

Build permanent and contract teams at speed, across multiple skillsets and specialisms
Maximise return on investment by ensuring the right person is selected from the eco-system
Benefit from expert consultancy on who, where, when, and how to hire


Emerald has assisted Palo Alto for over a decade in their strategic expansion into EMEA. Initially, they helped PAN find top talent for their European team and successfully placed 15 'A-players'. Later, Emerald continued to place key players in various senior positions such as VP EMEA & DACH, CMO, and Senior Director roles. Emerald's latest project with PAN involved providing 100 candidates in 12 months using their CVaaS solution, resulting in many successful placements. Thanks to Emerald's support, PAN has become the fastest-growing cyber company and one of the most successful IPOs in the market.


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Helping you


Emerald Technology’s Permanent and Contract talent acquisition solutions span the breadth of the Communication, Data Centre, Business Applications, Security and Marketing Technology sectors.

Our experienced Consultants take a dedicated, specialist approach to add true value to our clients and enable them to achieve transformational change.

We understand your business and the markets in which you operate, having delivered on over 5000 hiring projects in 60 different countries to date.

Whether you are looking for the perfect permanent addition to your

team, an expert with a niche skillset, or a time-critical interim solution, Emerald Technology can help.

Through working with some of the most cutting-edge technology businesses worldwide, we have familiarised ourselves with the entire eco-system of vendors, global consultancies, resellers, distributors, and buying customers, and how they all work together.

Our bespoke talent acquisition solutions enable our clients to achieve the tipping point to success; whether they need to grow, transform, or diversify their human capital.

The Emerald Technology Difference


When hiring individuals in new or unfamiliar territories, understanding the benefits of Managed Talent Recruitment can be difficult. At Emerald Technology, we know your market and are always thinking ten steps ahead.

Whether you are confused by IR35 in the UK, want to find out more about AUG licencing in Germany, or need to understand Saudisation in KSA, we can support you.

This will inevitably reduce time-to-hire, decrease costs, and ensure that your new hire is identified and on-boarded smoothly.

As well as having made Permanent and Contract placements all over the world, we currently manage hundreds of Contractors and Freelancers across more than 25 countries. We secure fast and flexible resource on your behalf, whilst handling all associated agreements, deployments, and logistics to ensure a complete turn-key solution is executed.

Partnering with Emerald Technology will enable you to build highly skilled, cohesive teams which will in turn facilitate explosive growth, return on investment, sustainability, and a host of new partners and customers.

Improved time-to-hire

Reduce costs and time-to-hire by targeting the right talent and sidestepping typical pitfalls when onboarding new hires

Scale your team at an appropriate pace for your growth plans, whether you require one person with a niche skillset, or one hundred people to take your business to the next level
Benefit from our networks and expertise built over twenty years of placing professionals in the Technology sector
Specialist Knowledge
Unique research and mapping techniques combined with specialist market knowledge
Diverse, cross-disciplinary network of permanent and contract professionals across the globe
Proactive candidate approaches and detailed, accurate profiling by our expert Consultants


Rancher LabsOliver Maes, Managing Director EMEA

"Emerald have proven themselves to be an extremely versatile talent partner, supporting Rancher in numerous territories across three continents.

I am particularly appreciative of their ability to deliver quality candidates in multiple disciplines at speed, as well as their smooth process management, which often incorporates a large number of stakeholders.

I would certainly recommend Emerald to other industry contacts as one of my preferred search suppliers."

QualtricsSimon O'Kane, Managing Director EMEA

"Great work Emerald- your perseverance and professionalism to see this through has been impressive!" 

QualtricsBrian Stucki, Head of global customer success

"This is huge! Definitely been a journey, but very satisfied with the end result. Appreciate the partnership and persistence on this search."

QualtricsIan Mcvey, Head of Enterprise Sales, Northern Europe

"When I read the shortlists presents, it showed me what a great job the team at Emerald have done for Qualtrics. They have delivered a world class sales team, and on a personal level, have my sincere thanks. Plus, we've has fun on the way! They really have built a great team here."

Device42Kate LaGarde, Director of People Operations

“The Emerald team has been an invaluable partner for us as we scale our global operations. From the onset, they took the time to become a trusted partner for us by seeking to fully understand our business, our product, and our value add in each specific region. They have been critical to our growth across sales and customer success in multiple countries and regions, including ensuring the placement of a leadership team in EMEA. Their commitment to understanding each position, hiring manager needs, and unique processes has allowed us to truly utilise Emerald as an extension of our team.”

UserlaneHartmut Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

“We recently partnered with Emerald Technology to hire our first staff in the UK. Their simple, comprehensive Employer of Record solution was invaluable in helping us to get employees on-boarded quickly and efficiently. Communication was excellent, with a single point of contact dealing with all queries throughout. Though we have now set up our own legal entity and are employing our team directly, we continue to utilise Emerald’s talent acquisition services and would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies looking to expand their international operations.”

HashiCorpJosh Garcia, Head of Global Sales Recruiting

“Emerald has delivered! They have met every expectation with professionalism, organization and hard work. Their efforts have been instrumental in our sales growth and success throughout EMEA. We at Hashi Corp could not be happier to have you as a partner. Thank you for all that you do!”

RedHatAdrian Pickering, Regional General Manager, MENA

“Red Hat has been working with Emerald for approximately ten months to address our recruiting requirements… The Emerald team have been excellent in securing high quality candidates in an expedient manner, thereby enabling Red Hat to get the business up and running ahead of our planned timeline. I thoroughly recommend the Emerald team as a professional and competent recruitment organisation.”

AppsFlyerAdi Preiss, Director of Support EMEA

“I want to thank Emerald, on behalf of all of us, for getting us these amazing candidates, and all the hard work, for the attention to details and follow-ups. I know we have been very demanding at times, but your awesome work is much appreciated! Please pass my deepest thanks to the entire team over there as well. Looking forward to working together on more future hires!”

AppsFlyerOsnat Yarimi Magen, Global HR Growth Partner

“Emerald did a great job… I must say that I never worked with such a professional and dedicated agency (and I've worked with a lot in the past few years).”

CloudHealthKate LaGarde, Recruiting Manager

“The Emerald team has been an invaluable partner for us as we scale our global operations. From the onset, they took the time to become a trusted partner for us by seeking to fully understand our business, our product, and our value add in each specific region. The have been critical to our growth across sales and customer success in multiple countries and regions, including ensuring the placement of a leadership team in EMEA. Their commitment to understanding each position, hiring manager needs, and unique processes has allowed us to truly utilise Emerald as an extension of our team. As our exclusive search partner, I couldn’t be happier to continue to work with them as we grow.“

TechnicolorMercedes Pastor, President EMEA

“Emerald Technology has been one of our key research firms to fill sales leadership positions, following a prior successful partnership during my time with Alcatel-Lucent. I can say that their global market mapping process and speed of delivery truly differentiate them from their competitors.”

AppDynamicMark Peet, VP Emerging Regions

“Since our first introduction to Emerald Technology in January 2017, the team invested significant time to learn about our business, our growth strategy, and our unique requirements when launching a direct presence in the UAE. In less than one year, Emerald helped us recruit a brand new world class team in roles covering enterprise sales, inside sales, presales and services, and are continuing to support us as we open up new positions to support our customers in UAE and across the GCC.”

JuniperRobyn Collins, Senior Manager, WFP & Talent Acquisition, EMEA

“Emerald’s passion for Juniper is similar to that of an employee; they go the extra mile for staffing and the hiring managers, and are known for their enthusiasm, follow up and knowledge of the local market. Emerald recruits across EMEA for Juniper - with their research team, they are able to break into any market and find top talent for us in a limited period of time.”

Cyber-ArkNick Baglin, VP EMEA

“Emerald Technology has taken the time to understand our business so they can position us appropriately in the market. They have consequently found and attracted the right calibre of candidate for us in the last 18 months, and this has helped us accelerate our growth plans across EMEA.”

PaloAltoDaniel Stevens, Manager, EMEA Recruitment

“The Emerald team have really taken the time to understand our business structure, so that they can attract the right calibre of candidates, and convey our value proposition. With key strengths including communication, organisation and process management, they have been invaluable in reducing pressure on our internal recruitment teams. Emerald have sourced a number of high quality candidates for us already, and I remain completely confident in their ability to do so as we continue our relationship going forward.”

NokiaJames Herriotts, Recruitment Director, EMEA & APAC

“Emerald were chosen to deliver a number of key strategic hires for Alcatel - Lucent across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Alcatel chose Emerald because of their specialisation within the communications market place, combined with their knowledge and experience of hiring across this region. The team at Emerald were quickly able to establish a target list of organisations and individuals, and were able to make the hires in a short timescale. Nokia continues to partner with Emerald to build the region, and I would strongly recommend them for any key hires."

FieEyeDenis Gadonnet, VP Southern Europe

“Emerald are really able to question and understand my challenges and my company culture, and get to grips with my recruitment needs. They have now placed several people within the South Europe organisation, and I am confident with their judgment. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Emerald’s services again, and in fact they are now one my favourite partners.”

FoundryDietmar Holderle, VP EMEA

"Emerald was selected as the sole provider for our expansion across EMEA and will be a fundamental part of our future growth. They have taken time to understand our current and future needs and always strive to deliver fast. I have no hesitation in recommending Emerald.”


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