Utilise our unrivalled experience, networks, and knowledge to acquire top-quality commercial and technical talent worldwide
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Hire skilled, experienced and well-referenced professionals who are culturally aligned to your business, on a permanent or freelance basis

SCALE Build permanent and contract teams at speed, across multiple skillsets and specialisms
SELECT Maximise return on investment by ensuring the right person is selected from the eco-system
DEVELOP Benefit from expert consultancy on who, where, when, and how to hire
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Emerald Technology’s Permanent and Contract talent acquisition solutions span the breadth of the Communication, Data Centre, Business Applications, Security and Marketing Technology sectors.

Our experienced Consultants take a dedicated, specialist approach to add true value to our clients and enable them to achieve transformational change.

We understand your business and the markets in which you operate, having delivered on over 5000 hiring projects in 60 different countries to date.

Whether you are looking for the perfect permanent addition to your

team, an expert with a niche skillset, or a time-critical interim solution, Emerald Technology can help.

Through working with some of the most cutting-edge technology businesses worldwide, we have familiarised ourselves with the entire eco-system of vendors, global consultancies, resellers, distributors, and buying customers, and how they all work together.

Our bespoke talent acquisition solutions enable our clients to achieve the tipping point to success; whether they need to grow, transform, or diversify their human capital.

The Emerald Technology Difference

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When hiring individuals in new or unfamiliar territories, understanding the local nuances can be difficult. At Emerald Technology, we know your market and are always thinking ten steps ahead.

Whether you are confused by IR35 in the UK, want to find out more about AUG licencing in Germany, or need to understand Saudisation in KSA, we can support you.

This will inevitably reduce time-to-hire, decrease costs, and ensure that your new hire is identified and on-boarded smoothly.

As well as having made Permanent and Contract placements all over the world, we currently manage hundreds of Contractors and Freelancers across more than 25 countries. We secure fast and flexible resource on your behalf, whilst handling all associated agreements, deployments, and logistics to ensure a complete turn-key solution is executed.

Partnering with Emerald Technology will enable you to build highly skilled, cohesive teams which will in turn facilitate explosive growth, return on investment, sustainability, and a host of new partners and customers.

Improved time-to-hire

Reduce costs and time-to-hire by targeting the right talent and sidestepping typical pitfalls when on-boarding new hires

Scale Scale your team at an appropriate pace for your growth plans; whether you require one person with a niche skillset, or one hundred people to take your business to the next level
Network Benefit from our networks and expertise built over twenty years of placing professionals in the Technology sector
Specialist Knowledge Unique research and mapping techniques combined with specialist market knowledge
Diverse Diverse, cross-disciplinary network of permanent and contract professionals across the globe
Proactive Proactive candidate approaches and detailed, accurate profiling by our expert Consultants



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