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Case study:

See how we became Sophos' preferred global expansion partner.



Sophos, a dominant force in the realm of cybersecurity solutions, embarked on a strategic journey with Emerald—a partnership that reflected their ambitious global expansion plans. With a robust presence spanning multiple global offices and a workforce numbering in the thousands, Sophos recognized the need for a reliable partner to facilitate their transition into new regions. Having previously encountered challenges with a US-based Employer of Record (EoR) provider, Sophos sought a new solution. This marked the genesis of our partnership, led by their VP HR EMEA, who was determined to find a partner that aligned with their vision and values.

Our journey with Sophos commenced with a singular opportunity in the Middle East—a region of strategic importance to their expansion. It was during this early phase that Sophos' VP HR EMEA witnessed the distinctive value proposition Emerald offered. Our speed, in-depth knowledge, and transparency—particularly regarding pricing—left a lasting impression, setting us apart from their previous experiences. Our swift and effective execution in the Middle East was a testament to our commitment to delivering results that aligned with Sophos' expectations. The success of this initial endeavor paved the way for a broader collaboration, as we extended our support to a range of geographies including South Africa, Egypt, Croatia, Georgia, Finland, Portugal, and more.


The evolution of our partnership with Sophos reflects the value of excellence, trust, and alignment. From a single opportunity, our collaboration grew organically as Sophos recognized the impact we could deliver across diverse geographies. Our ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations cemented our role as a trusted partner on their expansion journey.


Our partnership with Sophos exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation, growth, and redefining the landscape of talent acquisition. As Sophos continues to advance their global presence, we stand ready to support their vision with the same agility, transparency, and effectiveness that define our collaboration.

The journey with Sophos showcases the value of a partnership rooted in shared goals and exceptional execution. We look ahead with enthusiasm, eager to contribute to their ongoing success in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity and talent acquisition.

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