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  • Checkmark Payroll and employment process management by Emerald Technology
  • Checkmark Unlimited number of employees
  • Checkmark Create compliant contracts in 150+ countries
  • Checkmark Global payments made to your workers
  • Checkmark Assign user-level permissions
  • Checkmark Onboard new employees
  • Checkmark Access to all basic features on the Platform



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  • Checkmark Everything included in the Entry and Growth packages
  • Checkmark Work Visa Service
  • Checkmark Employee Engagement
  • Checkmark Reference and Security Checks

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Global Talent Services

We can quickly identify and recruit top international talent.

  • Checkmark End-To-End Recruitment
  • Checkmark Access the best Go-To-Market talent worldwide
  • Checkmark Vetted, interviewed and reference checked
  • Checkmark 25% discount on recruitment fee when used with our EOR solution


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How much do you charge per employee?

We offer a suite of solutions based on your business needs, but the pricing starts from just £500/pm. Our packages are designed to support companies no matter their head count or growth trajectory.

Is there a minimum number of employees or contractors required?

No, we can payroll one employee or an entire team. We are also well experienced in transitioning contractors to full-time employees.

For example, our client Userlane engaged with us to hire and payroll a VP of product in the UK. We later went on to onboard 5+ people for them and even assisted in opening their UK entity. 

What is the total cost of employment (TCE) and how do you calculate it?

The Total Cost of Employment is the total sum of an employee's gross salary plus any other contributions such as social security or additional costs related to the gross salary.

We do have an employee cost calculator on our platform you can access to discover where your next hire could be.

Which currencies do you support for billing?

All employees are paid in local currency (as per law), however we can invoice in all major currencies such as GBP, EURO and USD.  Just ask if there is another currency and we can find a solution to fit any requirement.

How do I know which package is best for me?

Emerald Technology offers three distinct packages to cater to your specific needs:

  • Entry Package: Ideal for companies seeking a straightforward solution for localized contracts, global payroll, and direct employee onboarding. This package includes basic platform features.

  • Growth Package: Suited for businesses that require additional support throughout the hiring and employment lifecycle of their international workforce. It offers benefits for your workforce, a dedicated onboarding specialist, and 24/7 online support, in addition to basic platform features.

  • Enterprise Package: Designed for companies looking for comprehensive end-to-end support. This package encompasses all the features of the Entry and Growth packages, with the addition of work visa support, employee engagement services, and reference and security checks.

Choose the package that aligns with your company's specific requirements and level of support needed.