Case study:

Discover Emerald's relationship with Nokia, and how we supported their acquisition through two projects, resulting in over 75 placements. 



ENGAGEMENT In 2014, Emerald were selected as the retained supplier for project ‘Spring Refresh’, aimed at hiring 100 salespeople across EMEA in support of the CEO’s ‘Shift Plan
RESULTS We were initially engaged to work on 36 hires for the ‘Spring Refresh’; however, continued success resulted in a further 35 being added

In under 18 months, we placed over 75 individuals into the ALU team globally prior to their acquisition by Nokia, averaging 7 submitted candidates and 5 first interviews per hire

THE FUTURE Post - acquisition, we were engaged as the retained supplier for ‘Project Boost’, a similar assignment focused on refreshing Nokia’s global sales talent with 60 new hires. This project is ongoing

Nokia Testimonial:

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