End-To-End Recruitment

We handle every aspect of the process, from sourcing quality candidates to managing the employment lifecycle of your workers.

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Source The Right Talent

Utilizing our Global Talent Acquisition Solution, we source optimal talent for your business. Be it the ideal permanent addition, an expert with niche skills for a new market, or a time-critical interim solution, Emerald Technology is your ally.

Hire Wherever The Talent Is

We facilitate global talent acquisition, ensuring no borders hinder your hiring. As your EOR, we manage the entire process—hiring, payrolling, and employment management for your remote employees, no matter their global location.

Compliant Global Payroll

Timely payments in the correct currency are guaranteed. Our payroll spans major regions: EMEA, The Americas, APAC, and META, providing a consolidated multi-country payroll solution so you benefit from having it all in one place.

Employment Management

Handling onboarding/offboarding, securing visas, tax deductions, employee benefits and security and reference checks. Emerald also extends support for employee relocation, offering complete flexibility for your remote workforce.

Trellix trusts us as their exclusive End-To-End Partner

Emerald Technology sourced and hired over 20 top sales leaders to support Trellix’s growth plans across many regions, including the US, Asia and Europe. Sourcing from a global talent pool meant that Trellix utilised Emerald’s end-to-end service to manage their employee’s full employment lifecycle. Trellix’s international employees were onboarded and payrolled via Emerald’s Employer of Record solution, to provide compliant contracts, employee onboarding and multi-country payroll, for everywhere they did not have a local entity.

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Our end-to-end expansion service can help you with:

Finding the right talent for your business

The cost of making a bad decision in the hiring process is significant, it is proven that the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the hire's annual salary, as you need to consider: recruiting costs, onboarding costs, lost productivity, opportunity losses and the cultural impact to the rest of the team. Making the right decisions when hiring will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Our Global Talent Acquisition Solutions enable our clients to achieve the tipping point to success whether they need to grow, transform, or diversify their human capital.

Compliantly hiring and payrolling without a foreign entity.

Widening your talent pool on an international scale allows your business to find the best talent, but poses compliance risks for companies with little experience in expansion. 

To hire and provide compliant contracts to remote workers, you must have a local entity. This can be costly, time consuming and risky in regions you are not familiar with.

Emerald Technology is an Employer of Record with a global footprint of entities that you can utilise to enter new markets to test your product-market fit and hire international employees no matter their location.


What our customers say

I would not hesitate to recommend Emerald to other companies to expand their international operations. Although we have now set up our own legal entity, we continue to use Emerald’s talent acquisition services as the communication was excellent, with a simple point of contact dealing with all queries throughout.

Adam and his team were extremely helpful. They are great when it comes to benchmarking the appropriate compensation and benefits package to offer to get the right candidates. Their service is white glove; they take care of everything. They have been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their operations into new countries.

Emerald supports us with payrolling for employees who cannot be paid directly from our business in the Netherlands. We do not have to take care of the payrolling and HR issues, this is all being done by Emerald. Great people, always ready to help, and very responsive by email and telephone. Friendly, and they give us the feeling that it's all being taken care of.

Utilise our End-to-end solution and get 25% off the recruitment fee.

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  • Checkmark Unlimited number of employees
  • Checkmark Create compliant contracts in 150+ countries
  • Checkmark Global payments made to your workers
  • Checkmark Assign user-level permissions
  • Checkmark Onboard new employees
  • Checkmark Access to all basic features on the Platform



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  • Checkmark Everything included in the Entry and Growth packages
  • Checkmark Work Visa Service
  • Checkmark Employee Engagement
  • Checkmark Reference and Security Checks

Need help finding your employee?

Global Talent Services

We can quickly identify and recruit top international talent.

  • Checkmark End-To-End Recruitment
  • Checkmark Access the best Go-To-Market talent worldwide
  • Checkmark Vetted, interviewed and reference checked
  • Checkmark 25% discount on recruitment fee when used with our EOR solution

Discover our Global Hiring Country Guides

Discover the key information to employment, work visas, salary taxes and more for each country you want to expand to


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Need clarification?

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a crucial component of our services at Emerald Technology. We act as your EOR, allowing your company to hire and employ workers compliantly in multiple countries. We take on the responsibility of managing payroll, benefits, and tax compliance, so you can focus on your core business. With Emerald Technology as your EOR, you can seamlessly expand your international workforce, knowing that all employment-related complexities are expertly handled, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

How do I know which package is best for me?

Emerald Technology offers three distinct packages to cater to your specific needs:

  • Entry Package: Ideal for companies seeking a straightforward solution for localized contracts, global payroll, and direct employee onboarding. This package includes basic platform features.

  • Growth Package: Suited for businesses that require additional support throughout the hiring and employment lifecycle of their international workforce. It offers benefits for your workforce, a dedicated onboarding specialist, and 24/7 online support, in addition to basic platform features.

  • Enterprise Package: Designed for companies looking for comprehensive end-to-end support. This package encompasses all the features of the Entry and Growth packages, with the addition of work visa support, employee engagement services, and reference and security checks.

Choose the package that aligns with your company's specific requirements and level of support needed.

What is the recruitment add-on?

Emerald Technology stands out as the only provider in the market offering a seamless end-to-end solution for identifying, recruiting, onboarding, and payrolling talent through our Employer of Record (EOR) services. With our Global Talent Services add-on, you gain access to our extensive expertise and knowledge in the recruitment industry. We have industry-recognized leaders on our team who will assist you in finding the right talent for your global expansion needs. This add-on empowers your company with the ability to build a high-performing international team, all while ensuring compliance and reducing administrative burdens. Trust Emerald Technology to help you tap into a world of talent and make your global expansion a success.

How can I get started?

Getting started with Emerald Technology is easy and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to begin your journey towards seamless global expansion:

  • Contact Us/ Sign Up: Reach out to our team through our website or sign up directly to our platform here. 

  • Choose Your Package: Select the package that best suits your requirements - whether it's the Entry, Growth, or Enterprise package. Each package offers a range of services to support your global expansion goals.

  • Onboarding: Once you've chosen your package, our team will assist you in the onboarding process. You'll gain access to our platform, where you can start recruiting, onboarding, and payroll your international workforce with ease.

  • Dedicated Support: Throughout your journey with Emerald Technology, you'll have access to dedicated customer support and onboarding specialists who are ready to assist you 24/7.

  • Start Expanding: With Emerald Technology, the sky is the limit. You can now expand your business globally, access top-tier talent, and streamline your global operations confidently.

What countries does Emerald Technology operate in?

Emerald Technology operates in over 150 countries worldwide, making us a truly global partner for your expansion needs. We have established a strong presence in key regions across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and beyond. Whether you're looking to hire talent in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, our extensive network and expertise ensure that you can access talent and expand compliantly in virtually any country. Our goal is to empower your business with the freedom to recruit, onboard, and payroll talent in any global location while ensuring full compliance with local regulations and laws. If you have specific questions about our presence in a particular country or region, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for personalised assistance.