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End-To-End Recruitment

We handle every aspect of the process, from sourcing quality candidates to managing the employment lifecycle of your workers.

Approved by over 500 Tech vendors worldwide

Utilise our End-to-end solution and get 25% off the recruitment fee.

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We solve your two biggest challenges

Emerald Technology solves two of the biggest challenges that start-up vendors face when expanding into new territories.

We can find you the best talent in the market and we can hire anyone, anywhere, so having no entity is no problem. With our end-to-end recruitment we handle local payroll, taxes, benefits and compliance in every region you want to expand to, using our entities.


Emerald Technology sourced and hired over 20 top sales leaders to support Trellix’s growth plans across many regions, including the US, Asia and Europe. Sourcing from a global talent pool meant that Trellix would utilise Emerald’s end-to-end service offering to manage their employee’s full employment lifecycle. Trellix’s international employees were onboarded and payrolled via Emerald’s Employer of Record solution, to provide compliant contracts, employee onboarding and multi-country payroll, for everywhere they did not have a local entity.

Need support in finding the best talent for your business?

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Our end-to-end expansion service can help you with:

Finding the right talent for your business.

The cost of making a bad decision in the hiring process is significant, it is proven that the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the hire's annual salary, as you need to consider; recruiting costs, onboarding costs, lost productivity, opportunity losses and the cultural impact to the rest of the team. Making the right decisions when hiring will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Our Global Talent Acquisition Solutions enable our clients to achieve the tipping point to success; whether they need to grow, transform, or diversify their human capital.

Compliantly hiring and payrolling without a foreign entity.

Widening your talent pool on an international scale allows your business to find the best talent, but poses compliance risks for companies with little experience in expansion. 

To hire and provide compliant contracts to remote workers, you must have a local entity. This can be costly, time consuming and risky in regions you are not familiar with.

Emerald Technology is an Employer of Record with a global footprint of entities that you can utilise to enter new markets to test your product-market fit and hire international employees no matter their location.

Emerald makes international expansion simple by handling the full recruitment and payrolling lifecycle for your international employees

5500 Placements
3000+ Payrolls
79 Countries
200+ Experts
We source

The Right Talent

Utilising our Global Talent Acquisition Solution to source the best talent for your business. Whether you are looking for the perfect permanent addition to your team, an expert with a niche skillet as the first on the ground in a new market or a time-critical interim solution, Emerald Technology can help.
We can

Hire Wherever The Talent Is

We can hire your talent anywhere in the world, so international borders won't stop you. As your EOR, we handle the hiring, payrolling and managing the employment of your remote employee.

We provide a

Compliant Global Payroll

We guarantee each payment is made on time, in the right currency every time. Our payroll covers all major regions; EMEA, The Americas, APAC and META. You benefit from having a multi-country payroll all in one place.

We will

Manage the employment lifecycle

We handle onboarding / offboarding and securing visas, work permits when necessary, payrolling your employees each month and handling relevant tax deductions. We can also provide employee benefits, security and reference checks. 

Emerald Technology can also offer employee relocation, so you can offer complete flexibility to your remote workforce. 

Utilise our End-to-end solution and get 25% off the recruitment fee.

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We considered multiple firms, but we could feel the energy put into the customer experience at Emerald and decided it was the best fit for our needs.
Trellix - Wayne Pollard, HR Leader for Global Sales
I would not hesitate to recommend Emerald to other companies to expand their international operations. Although we have now set up our own legal entity, we continue to use Emerald’s talent acquisition services as the communication was excellent, with a simple point of contact dealing with all queries throughout.
Userlane – Hartmut Hahn, CEO
Emerald solve for our E2E EOR/Payroll needs and provide invaluable support across other mission critical HR processes, providing our business with peace of mind and great service.
Atheer - Joe Finn, Vice President of International Sales
Emerald have proven themselves to be an extremely versatile talent partner, supporting Rancher in numerous territories across three continents. I am particularly appreciative of their ability to deliver quality candidates in multiple disciplines at speed, as well as their smooth process management, which often incorporates a large number of stakeholders.
Rancher – Olivier Maes, Managing Director EMEA


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End-to-end recruitment FAQ's

What is End-To-End Recruitment?

Emerald's End-To-End solution provides companies with many benefits from combining both Global Talent Acquisition and Employer of Record.

Utilizing this solution allows you to hire anyone, anywhere with no borders. Giving you access to a global talent pool to find the best talent for your business. 

You can reduce costs, the time-to-hire and expansion risks by choosing Emerald as your Global Partner.

By scaling your workforce internationally, whether its to hire a single worker with a niche skillset or a whole workforce to take your business to the next level, Emerald Technology can support you at each step using Emerald's owned entities. 

Emerald can source the right talent for you, hire and payroll them ensuring complete compliance every time.


Why should I choose Emerald?

Emerald Technology are well-established in the recruitment and global expansion market with 20+ years experience of supporting B2B technology vendors. 

Our experienced Consultants take a dedicated, specialist approach to add true value to our clients and enable them to achieve transformational change.

We understand your business and the markets in which you operate, having delivered on over 5500 hiring projects in 60 different countries to date.


I want more information on the discount

We are offering a discount of 25% off the recruitment fee when you sign up with Emerald for our End-To-End solution. 

Our End-To-End solution is a combined service of our Global Talent Acquisition and Employer of Record. 

Whether you need a first employee on the ground in a new market where you currently do not have a presence, or have aggressive expansion plans, we can handle the full process from sourcing candidates, providing a compliant contract, quickly onboard and setup a multi-country payroll.


What locations do Emerald search, hire and payroll in?

We offer a limitless solution. We source, onboard and payroll employees in every region worldwide (except sanctioned countries.)


Who are Emerald’s customers?

We support Pre-IPO, VC or PE backed technology start-ups. We are a trusted partner to some of the most innovative and globally recognised technology companies since 2000.


How quickly can Emerald onboard employees?

We can compliantly onboard employees on average of just 24-72 hours.