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Outsource all hiring activities to your new partner or simply have them compliment your existing in-house team by focusing on niche or hard-to-fill openings

Consultants are fully embedded within your business, values and act as an extension of your internal TA function


On-demand service: option of scaling up or down quickly and efficiently at any time

Improved cash flow

Save money and simplify cash flow with a single monthly invoice covering all hires

Zero Commission

Embedded model removes the commission element completely and places our recruiters on-site with the client


Trusted, expert consultancy on effective hiring and interview strategies to bring ‘A-Players’ on board


Support with building your own TA function from the ground up


Working with an external recruiting partner is a solution that is proven to work; however, it is not always the most effective model for a business looking to grow at pace.

Organisations with high volume requirements or in rapid expansion mode have continuous hiring needs and, often, limited budgets to dedicate to agency partners or scaling permanent internal TA functions.

Coupled with this, in many cases, the traditional, commission-orientated agency landscape has resulted in recruitment companies becoming too centred on revenue targets and making as much money as possible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always align with their clients’ objectives.

Many of Emerald Technology’s clients also prefer the personalised approach of in-house recruiters. The challenge is that well-trained, committed Search Consultants with consistent delivery capabilities can be difficult to identify and secure. This is particularly true for commercial recruiters who focus on customer-facing disciplines such as Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and on-site Professional Services.


For organisations finding themselves in this predicament, we recommend our Embedded Talent Solution. Emerald Technology will assign you an expertly trained talent partner with an abundance of experience in managing complex, pro-active hiring campaigns. You then have the option to outsource all hiring activities to them, or alternatively, have them compliment your in-house team by focusing on niche or hard-to-fill openings.

The traditional commission element of agency recruitment is removed entirely, and our recruiters are placed on-site with the client, making the hiring process transparent, qualitative and results-focused.

Overall, you benefit from integrating an experienced recruiter into your team who is driven by being part of the journey, without having to commit to an expensive permanent resource.