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Case study:

Discover how CyberArk began their relationship with Emerald, and how we supported them in streamlining their operations.




Our journey with CyberArk, a pioneering force in cybersecurity solutions, began in mid-2012. At the time, the landscape was characterized by approximately 20 recruiters and a lack of consistent quality control. Recognizing the need for a more effective and streamlined approach, Nick Baglin, VP EMEA at CyberArk, initiated a partnership that would reshape their talent acquisition strategy.
Our collaboration with CyberArk has been transformative, marked by a profound impact on their talent acquisition efforts. From the outset, we embarked on a mission to not only reduce the complexity of their recruitment process but to also elevate the quality of their hires. Our comprehensive approach has yielded remarkable results—over 85 skilled professionals have found their place within CyberArk's EMEA and APAC teams. The spectrum of roles spans from Inside Sales to Regional Director, encompassing domains such as Sales, PreSales, Professional Services, Marketing, and HR.

Our continued success with CyberArk is a testament to our commitment to understanding their unique needs and the ideal profiles that align with their culture. This deep understanding has translated into tangible outcomes, with a ratio of 3 first interviews to every 1 placement—a testament to our precision in matching talent to the specific demands of CyberArk's ecosystem.


As we stand on the foundation of our shared achievements, the future holds the promise of further transformation and growth. Our ongoing collaboration with CyberArk exemplifies our commitment to innovation, excellence, and unwavering support in the cybersecurity talent landscape. By continually refining our approach and aligning with CyberArk's strategic vision, we are poised to contribute to their ongoing success story.

Our partnership with CyberArk reflects our dedication to driving change, fostering growth, and shaping the trajectory of talent acquisition in the technology sector. As we navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, we are excited to stand alongside CyberArk, creating a powerful synergy that propels both organizations forward.


Cyber-Ark Testimonial:

“Emerald Technology has taken the time to understand our business so they can position us appropriately in the market. They have consequently found and attracted the right calibre of candidate for us in the last 18 months, and this has helped us accelerate our growth plans across EMEA.”

Nick BaglinVP EMEA

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