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Case study:

Originally engaged to assist as a hiring partner during CloudHealth's rapid international expansion, discover how our relationship has developed. 


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In the early stages of 2017, CloudHealth, a pioneering force in cloud management and optimization solutions, sought a strategic partner to facilitate their rapid international expansion. Recognizing the need for an agile and capable hiring ally, CloudHealth turned to Emerald. This marked the commencement of a transformative collaboration fueled by shared goals and aspirations.
Our partnership with CloudHealth has been defined by impactful outcomes. From our initial involvement, we harnessed our expertise to source and secure exceptional sales talent in the UK and Israel. This success laid the foundation for a deeper connection as CloudHealth entrusted us with a crucial mission—identifying and securing their Vice President for EMEA, resulting in the successful appointment of Marcus Chambers in August. Building on this achievement, we further demonstrated our capabilities by placing over 10 talented individuals across various roles in Sales, PreSales, and Technical domains, spanning key EMEA territories such as the UK, France, and Germany.

Our ongoing collaboration with CloudHealth has evolved in parallel with their journey. The remarkable strides made by CloudHealth, including their acquisition by VMware, led to the establishment of a more comprehensive internal talent team. This transition marked a point of transformation, as CloudHealth's increased capabilities no longer necessitated regular external search support. Despite this shift, the strong relationships cultivated with CloudHealth's senior leadership remain intact, symbolizing the enduring value of our partnership.


Our engagement with CloudHealth stands as a testament to our commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth. While the nature of our collaboration may have shifted, the legacy of our shared journey endures. Our continued connection with CloudHealth's leadership is a testament to the trust and rapport we've established, positioning us as a trusted ally for future opportunities.

Our partnership with CloudHealth reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and steadfast support in the technology talent landscape. As we continue to navigate the evolving industry landscape, we look forward to potential collaborations that honor our shared history and contribute to CloudHealth's ongoing success.


CloudHealth Testimonials:

“The Emerald team has been an invaluable partner for us as we scale our global operations. From the onset, they took the time to become a trusted partner for us by seeking to fully understand our business, our product, and our value add in each specific region. The have been critical to our growth across sales and customer success in multiple countries and regions, including ensuring the placement of a leadership team in EMEA. Their commitment to understanding each position, hiring manager needs, and unique processes has allowed us to truly utilise Emerald as an extension of our team. As our exclusive search partner, I couldn’t be happier to continue to work with them as we grow.“

Kate LaGarde Recruiting Manager

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