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Case study:

Discover how Emerald supported Atheer's expansion into EMEA utilising their End-To-End Service offering.




Atheer is based in the global centre of technology and innovation; Silicon Valley. Also, commonly known as a pioneer in Augmented Interactive Reality Computing. They were looking to hire a VP of EMEA outside of their headquarters to start their expansion, but did not have a local legal entity. 


Emerald successfully placed a candidate as a retained search in Ireland using their owned entity and provided a compliant contract within 48 hours. Emerald made sure the candidate was onboarded and payrolled in a legal and compliant manner through their Employer of Record service.  Offering an end-to-end solution, Emerald managed to solve two issues for Atheer at once: finding the relevant candidate as well as onboarding them remotely so that Atheer didn’t have to open a new office/entity outside of their headquarters location.


Since hiring & onboarding the initial candidate, Atheer trusted Emerald to payroll 3 more employees in the Netherlands, France and Austria, where they do not have a physical presence.


With Emerald's proven track record of great customer service and solution, Atheer have chosen Emerald as their exclusive EoR partner to support their international expansion. 

Emerald solve our E2E EOR/Payroll needs and provide invaluable support across other mission critical HR processes, providing our business with peace of mind and great service.
Joe Finn, VP of International Sales

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