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If you’re thinking of relocating for your next job, then there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. Here are just some of the considerations you must make before taking that leap.

What are your drivers for relocating?

Are you moving for the location, or do you want to work for a particular company? If it’s location that’s important to you, then you need to choose one. Are you yearning to live in a hot and sunny climate? Do you have friends or family in a specific region? Or are you seeking the perfect base from which to participate in top and emerging markets?

Moving towards one of these desires may place limitations on the other. For example, choosing to move into an emerging market is likely to limit your choice of companies and locations, whereas creating a strict list of desirable companies will limit your potential destinations.

Cost of living

Once you know where you are going, it’s time to consider the practicalities. Is it more expensive to live there? Are there any costs that you’ll have to factor in that aren’t relevant at the moment? Does the prospective employer offer any benefits, such as healthcare? Put simply – if you go ahead with the move, will you be able to afford to live there?

Is the move permanent?

Do you envisage being at the company, or living in that location, for a considerable period of time? Or is it a short-term aspiration which may last only a few years? If the latter, you should give some thought to friends and family, schools, crime, and other employers in the area – this may not be your last job, so be wary of putting all your eggs into one basket!

Relocation packages

Does your prospective new employer offer a relocation package? If so, this could be a dream come true, as it really demonstrates commitment from the employer to get you on board. If not, don’t misconstrue this as apathy – but be aware that you’ll have to place more emphasis on cost implications of the move.

External commitments

Obviously, we can’t list all of the commitments that you may have in your personal life, but each of them will need to be considered at the very beginning of the process.

All of the above will factor into your decision on whether to relocate or not. If you’ve been through this thought process and are still unsure what to do, consider asking for advice.

Do you know anyone who has relocated already? Perhaps there is someone from your network, or your current company, that has taken that leap and relocated to another country for their role. These are the people who will be able to answer some of the harder questions for you, and will be able to provide you with a greater perspective on the whole process.

Ultimately though, the reality of moving will depend on your personality and experiences. It is in a company’s best interest to help its most innovative sales talent to relocate, as you are their greatest asset! So, a good track record in your employment history and solid sales skills will leave the power in your hands.